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Every company wants local businesses to grow but none like us! Yes, we bring to you the power of mobile display advertising at super affordable rate. You can reach out to thousands of potential customers in or around your area in just few dollars. Thats no more a dream! Our technology enables you to realize the true potential of your offerings with our Hyper Local Targeting in the simplest way possible. And ofcourse, you can do it all by yourself with our simple to use platform. Signup today to get started without any commitments or contracts!

Step 1

The first thing you do is define who your potential customers are and where they hang out. Once you have noted their locations and you know exactly who they are, simply craft a marketing message or a lucrative offer which they can’t resist.

Step 2

Now login to your dashboard on our platform and make an ad with the offer you created in Step 1 above. You can now target their locations by zip, city, state or a particular shop, airport or anywhere they are.

Step 3

Now all you gotta do is click Launch Campaign button and you are done! Voila, now your ad is visible to all your customers on their mobile phones. They will now take the action you suggested them in Step 2.

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You can see in real time how many people are engaged with your ads and how many takes action all on your TrackBoard in our platform. This will certainly increase your business multiple folds in no time at a cheaper cost than traditional media.

Other benefits of our platform are…

self-serve platform

Self-Serve Platform

You don’t need to rely on any agency or marketer. Do it all by yourself on our self-explanatory dashboard!

self-serve platform

High Quality Inventory

Your offers/ads are are served on high quality mobile websites and applications to ensure you get great customers.

live reporting

Live Reporting

You can look and measure how people are interacting with your ads on your TrackBoard in real time and calculate ROI!

media pricing


No commitments or contracts with full transparency! You can get started with as low as $100!

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